CardiacSense: the smart, medically-validated wearable for ambulatory patient monitoring

CardiacSense: the smart, medically-validated wearable for ambulatory patient monitoring

CardiacSense: the new clinically validated patient monitoring system with a CE mark (MDR)

CardiacSense is a validated medical wearable which is easy to use for home monitoring of a number of vital bio-parameters. A large amount of high-quality clinical data is collected about the patient in a non-invasive way, 24/7. This data can support doctors in making a diagnosis, while at the same time proving useful for prevention.

Although CardiacSense looks like a wristwatch, it is a very advanced all-in-one device that continuously records the patient’s vital values. The smart wearable sends the measurement results via an application to a cloud environment, where the patient can consult their data. If the patient agrees to this, the treating physician will also have access to all the information needed for the diagnosis or remote monitoring of the patient. The high-tech medical grade device can also be used for prevention. In the event of certain abnormalities, the device can inform the attending physician or nurse via an alert, or even pass data to the hospital or care center where the patient is staying or being treated. All data can also be integrated into the EPD. Although CardiacSense focuses on collecting information in the context of cardiology, the wearable has added diagnostic value that can be used more widely. This clearly distinguishes the device from all other solutions available today and enables a completely new approach for prevention and patient management.

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Ingrid Maes of Innovigate, Dr. Maarten Falter of the Jessa Hospital and Sarah Perneel of Arseus Medical talk about digital health and ambulatory monitoring and… the future of (preventive) healthcare.

CardiacSense: accurate home monitoring with unprecedented ease of use

Indispensable for those who want to participate in the field of eHealth, home monitoring, health prediction, prevention, and the use of AI in healthcare: CardiacSense. The high-tech medical grade device continuously measures and monitors a whole range of vital bio-paramaters in a non-invasive and highly accurate manner.

Smart wearable that helps save lives

Using sensors, the smart wearable monitors a large number of clinical parameters. The data obtained helps doctors make a better diagnosis. In this way, the medical grade device saves time and costs. And lives.

Hochstadt A, Havakuk O, Chorin E, Schwartz AL, Merdler I, Laufer M, Lubman N, Ghantous E, Viskin S, Rosso R. Continuous heart rhythm monitoring using mobile photoplethysmography in ambulatory patients. J Electrocardiol. 2020 May-Jun;60:138-141. doi: 10.1016/j.jelectrocard.2020.04.017. Epub 2020 Apr 26. PMID: 32361522.

Numerous benefits for doctors and patients

• Extensive data allows a thorough diagnosis.
• Unprecedented opportunities for patient follow-up.
• Provides a large amount of accurate and reproducible measurements that are comparable to the gold standard.
• Both continuous and spot measurements are possible.
• The data obtained can be easily integrated into the EHR.
• Standardization can be done across clinical departments.
• The device has a CE mark

• Unprecedented ease of use: the patient can easily install the all-in-one device themselves.
• Non-invasive measurements (including blood pressure measurement without a cuff).
• Customizable wearable with a designer look.
• Possibility of personal lifestyle coaching, in line with the wellbeing metrics trend.
• Better alternative to the ‘smart plaster’: no disposables and, therefore, lower costs.

CardiacSense’s complete solution makes it possible to monitor patients non-invasively, continuously, long-term and remotely, while collecting data for diagnostic analysis and even prevention.

The ambulatory system uses medically certified software and hardware with unprecedented sensitivity and ease of use for patients and doctors in this application.

The application options not only provide benefits to the patient, but are also deployable in a way that offers new and more efficient options to healthcare providers and their organizations. The individual system can be linked to existing systems at hospitals and other care centers. CardiacSense is also currently developing hardware that offers the same efficiency and ease of use for hospitals and residential care homes.

Better diagnosis, even more preventive action, relevant & centralized data

Who can read the data?

The patient can immediately read the values on the wearable, or view more detailed information via the accompanying mobile application. The app shows everything transparently via a dashboard or report.

The patient is given the opportunity to share the data with one or more doctors via a portal. In this way, they can view relevant clinical data before the consultation, or adjust their diagnosis during the consultation.

CardiacSense allows data to be connected to control centers such as telecare services or a nurse’s room within a specific department in a hospital or residential care home.

Cardiac Sense: accurate home monitoring with unprecedented ease of use

  1. The medical grade device makes it possible to obtain accurate clinical data – anytime, anywhere.
  2. CardiacSense offers the ease of use of a wearable.
  3. It is possible to share data in real time with the treating physician or care center, or set alarms via a predictive model.

Healthcare providers receive a range of new options, but first and foremost, the medical device provides treating physicians with the data they need to make a correct diagnosis.

The right diagnosis


The patient’s health is monitored 24/7 by someone with the right knowledge and can intervene quickly if a worrying situation arises. That makes the patient feel safe. Moreover, no valuable time is lost.

How does CardiacSense work?

CardiacSense looks like a wristwatch and is worn by the patient as such. The smart system measures 24/7 and regularly connects to a connected smartphone or hub. This then shares all data with a secure platform that is accessible via an equally secure internet connection.

What can

CardiacSense collects non-stop¹ data,and collects that information in a cloud environment that is accessible to both the patient and doctor². The system allows reports that the doctor can adjust based on their judgment.

1. As long as the CardiacSense is worn correctly on the wrist
2. If the patient and the doctor both agree

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CardiacSense can generate an ECG strip with a simple push of a button. This information can be consulted immediately or even shared with the treating physician or health care provider via the cloud connection. CardiacSense has a CE mark for this application.

Because CardiacSense measures continuously, it is ideal for detecting atrial fibrillation (AF). The watch notifies the user whenever an event is detected. There is also the option to forward (push-)notifications in collaboration with a doctor or healthcare provider, so that action can be taken quickly.

CardiacSense is the only CE-marked device that measures heart rate while the wearer is in motion, providing highly accurate heart rate variability (HRV) values. Therefore, CardiacSense is essential to analyze sleep and mental stress in a very patient-friendly way.

CardiacSense is the first wrist wearable device of its kind that provides long-term, real-time, continuous and non-invasive respiratory rate (RR) monitoring. Monitoring of the RR is essential to detect not only deterioration in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), asthma and other chronic conditions, but also sleep apnea.

The medical smartwatch CardiacSense checks oxygen saturation when two fingers are placed on the sensors on the watch's bezel.

Cardiac arrhythmias such as bradycardia, tachycardia, premature ventricular contractions (PVCs), pauses and prolonged QT time. This information is crucial in making a diagnosis. The fact that this information can be measured almost non-stop and over a longer period of time makes this timepiece an ideal source of reliable clinical data for the attending physician. In addition, doctors and patients can tick notifications (alerts), which gives the system a preventive nature.

CardiacSense measures blood pressure without a cuff when two fingers are placed on the sensors on the bezel.

CardiacSense can easily and accurately measure core temperature. Lightly pressing the built-in temperature sensor in the watch bezel against the forehead measures the body's core temperature, a critical vital sign that can indicate illness.

CardiacSense is more than the device. The system also contains software in the form of an external app and a platform with numerous application possibilities and is always up to date thanks to its cloud-based principle.* CardiacSense cloud services enable users to stream data in real time, store and share measurement histories, request reports of analytical health data, and leverage integration with third-party applications, control centers and telehealth services.

* Some services require a paid subscription

In the CardiacSense cloud portal, users can add their physician to share and view the data for a consultation. For this, a request must be sent and approved by the doctor. Physicians can customize measurement thresholds and notifications for their patients.

CardiacSense's mobile application presents the user with a dashboard of real-time data, creates ad-hoc reports of events, shares them and reports notes in real time when clicked.

This allows the physician to view events along with the user's vital signs. The app sends a reminder via the watch when it is time to take medication and keeps track of treatment adherence.

In addition to their doctor, users can select up to two additional people who can only view their dashboard and notifications through a display app.

On the CardiacSense portal, physicians can register for free to view real-time data, vital signs and reports of all their patients who use and have consented to use the CardiacSense watch. Through this portal, the physician can set notification thresholds tailored to the patient thanks to a source of detailed data collected via the CardiacSense wristwatch.

The 'nurse's room' is a web-based centralized monitoring platform suitable for hospitals and residential care centers. On one screen, staff can view all patients in the ward with a CardiacSense watch (by room, bed and location), indicating their current health status. The nurse's room automatically receives all vital signs from the patients' smartwatches, each of which is displayed in a particular color based on the severity of their condition: Red: Threshold exceeded, Yellow: No input from the sensor, Green: Everything OK.

Good to know

  • One-time purchase of hardware with all sensors; all feature enhancements (via SX updates) are free.
  • The basic app is free and the pro app is free for the first 2 months. After that, a subscription can be taken out. Different types of subscriptions are available (for individuals, professionals and hospitals).

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