The CardiacSense watch can catch palpitations which could otherwise be missed

Often, when patients arrive at the emergency department with complaints of heart palpitations or chest pressure, their symptoms have already reduced in severity or have resolved themselves1. In addition, due to the heavy demand for specialists, the patient often cannot see a cardiologist for a couple of weeks or even months. The original symptoms have, […]

Helping successful post-ablation recovery using the CardiacSense Watch

After surgery, patient monitoring is vital to ensure optimal recovery and success of the intervention. Complications can arise that, if not caught quickly, can result in serious consequences for the patient, from slowing down their recovery progress to posing a danger to their health. For cardiac/catheter ablations (scarring a small area of the heart that […]

Helping prevent cryptogenic stroke reoccurrence through the detection of asymptomatic A-Fib

Cryptogenic strokes are types of strokes without any clear cause1. Multiple underlying factors can cause cryptogenic strokes, adding to the difficulty in performing an accurate diagnosis. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted, hence, heart rhythm and cardiac health are major risk factors. Vasculitis, endocarditis, or complications from asymptomatic atrial […]