Icons & notifications


  1. Go to Phone settings
  2. Tap Accessibility
  3. Tap Visibility & Enhancement
  4. Tap Screen Zoom
  5. Drag the zoom bar to the left to reduce zoom

The default watch display shows the time, date (month and day), watch battery status, and Bluetooth status.

To navigate through the watch display screens, swipe right to the next screen or swipe left to the previous screen.

During operation, the following icons may appear on the watch display.

A-fib detected:

CS System 3 detected A-fib conditions.

When the A-fib episode starts (onset) and ends (termination), the watch vibrates.

It is strongly recommended you notify your physician that your CardiacSense watch
detected A-fib arrhythmia.

Battery status:

At 40% it is recommended to charge the watch.

At 20% the watch should be charged.

At 10%, the watch screen turns off, and the watch enters a deep-sleep mode.

Bluetooth status:

hardware failure/ connected/ disconnected/ Airplane mode

Memory status:

low / very low / no recording

No signal indication:

No measurement, can appear due to low skin temperature, restricted blood flow, or
excessive movement.


When creating the account, the system will provide default thresholds for each parameter. Crossing thresholds will create a notification.

When A-fib is detected, or any of the parameters exceeds the set threshold, their values are displayed in red and with a red border.

Notification on the app:


Notification on the watch:



Possible cause

Corrective action

LED indicator failure.

Hardware failure.

Replace the cradle.

The watch is not charging.

Watch is placed backward on the cradle.

Place the watch in the cradle in the correct orientation. Use the cradle magnet to position the watch correctly in the cradle.



Possible cause

Corrective action

No results are displayed.

There is no mobile communication with the watch.

Turn on Bluetooth and Location Services.

The low battery on the smartphone is causing it to enter battery saving mode and turning off the
location and/or Bluetooth.

Charge the smartphone.

No signals are displayed, and the app moves to the background.

Incoming call/notification while viewing real-time signals.

Relaunch the app.

The report creation process is interrupted.

Low battery on the watch or smartphone, or incoming notification on the smartphone.

Repeat the process.

No internet connection.

Data is not saved in the app.

Check your smartphone internet connection.

No connection with the watch.

Check your Bluetooth pairing with the watch.

Verify that the distance between the watch and smartphone is less than 4 m (13 ft).

SymptomPossible causeCorrective action

The display is not working, or The green LEDs on the backside are off.

Watch is turned off, or the battery is drained.Turn on the watch or Charge the battery.
The display is on, but the green LEDs on the backside are off.Possible issue with the sensors.Contact CardiacSense support.

There is a general problem with the watch or with its sensors.

Contact CardiacSense support.

The watch did not detect contact with your fingers on the ECG sensor.

Release your fingers and place them again on the ECG sensor.

Watch battery is only 20% charged.

Place the watch in the cradle and charge it.

The watch has very limited memory storage.

Delete old files so that new data can be saved.

The watch is not recording the measurements because it is out of memory storage.

Delete old files so that new data can be saved.

No signal from the watch.

This may cause wrong measurement results

Possible to low skin temperature or restricted blood flow.